lundi 19 octobre 2015

NetBeans Day Paris 2015

On the 16th of October was hold the first NetBeans Day event in France thanks to Geertjan Wielenga (@geertjanw), Nebrass Lamouchi (@NebrassLamouchi) and Paul Bernardi from Davidson who hosted the event.
It was great to meet people from such a vibrant community and to be able to meet in real life actual users of my WildFly plugin.

Thanks to Charles Sabourdin (@kanedafromparis) from the Paris JUG and Devoxx France the presentations where filmed and hopefully you might watch them shortly.
Geertjan and Eric Barboni (of NetCat fame) showed us how full of life is the NetBeans community and how the NetCat program works from the inside, giving the community a veto over a release of the IDE.
This famous NetCat program is the proud father of JBoss Tools - Community Acceptance Testing (CAT)
I was impressed by seeing how many teachers and universities use Netbeans to teach programming.

We saw various usage of Netbeans from the IDE tool with Nebrass showing us how to develop a Java EE Rest application with an Angular JS front end (ot bad he didin't use WildFly), to the various usages of the Netbeans platform.
Be aware people from Ivory Coast that thanks to NetBeans and Fabrice Irie the IRS is tracking you
You may also check Geertjan's blog entry on the event : NetBeans Day Paris in Tweets! (Geertjan's Blog)