mardi 2 décembre 2008

Lean Training avec Alan Shalloway

La société Net Objectives propose une série de webinaires gratuits sur le Lean présentés par Alan Shalloway.

Il s'agit d'une série de 6 session d'environ 90 minutes dont voici les sujets :

  • Session 1
    Introduction to Lean Software Development
    * Lean as fast-flexible-flow
    * Lean principles of software development
    * The importance of value stream mapping
    * Exercise: Value Stream Mapping

  • Session 2
    Five Reasons for Agility
    * Add business value quickly
    * Clarify needs of the customer
    * Better project management
    * Quick wins, quick learning
    * Better for development
    Product Portfolio Management
    * Driving from business value
    * Minimizing work in progress
    * Smaller projects add more value

  • Session 3
    Lean as a Guide for Agile Methods
    * Just In Time
    * Contrasting Waterfall with Agility

  • Session 4
    QA's role in Lean Agile Software Development

  • Session 5
    How Business Analysts can help their teams

  • Session 6
    Lean Anti-Patterns

pour s'inscrire ça se passe ici.

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